A ban on public drinking could be expanded to more Merton neighbourhoods in a bid to curb anti-social behaviour.

The council is looking at options for the future of a Public Space Protection Order, which is about to expire.

In 2020, Merton Council introduced a PSPO across five areas in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour.

At the moment, it covers the council wards of Cricket Green, Figges Marsh, Graveney, Lavender Fields and Ravensbury.

The order is set to expire in October 2022, so the council has opened a public consultation on what should happen next.

In the areas covered, police can confiscate alcohol and issue a £100 fine for anyone who refuses to stop drinking or hand over any booze.

The consultation reads: “We have to ensure that the PSPO is proportionate and follows an evidence led approach. 

"Following our assessment of the available data, our proposal is to renew the current PSPO from October 2022, but also to assess and consider if the same PSPO powers should be in place in any other areas of the borough.”

The aim of the consultation is to gather views on the order and what the public want to see.

It opened on June 27 and will run until August 1.

This week, Merton Council is also marking anti-social behaviour awareness week for the second year focusing on the impact of crime on young people. 

Councillor Eleanor Stringer, cabinet member for civic pride, said: “So many people’s lives are blighted by this sort of behaviour, which can range from petty vandalism through to violent crimes that can have long-lasting effects on the victims.

“Our ASB Team has been shutting down venues in the borough over recent months and we will continue to champion the right for all residents to live in peace and without fear.”