Prime Minister Boris Johnson has officially resigned as leader of the Conservative Party today following a mass resignation of MP’s and ministers.

His resignation comes after a series of scandals, most recently being his promotion of Chris Pincher who is now facing allegations of sexual misconduct.

Boris Johnson is to stand down as Conservative Party leader, but intends to carry on as prime minister until the autumn.

He plans to stay in Downing Street until a new Tory leader has been elected to replace him as PM.

We asked people on the streets Wimbledon town centre today what their thoughts are on the Prime Minister's resignation.

Rene Gauche, 44, was not aware of the resignation and the last thing that she had heard was that Boris was adamant he was staying.

Rene, who lives in Sutton, said: “To be honest with you, I am in shock.

“I didn’t think he was going to do it.

“I am pleased in a way because I do think that the vote of no confidence has come through quite strongly and in that sense, I think if there is no confidence even from his own MPs then I think the best thing to do is for him to step aside.

“Whether he is wrong or right in his opinions, the fact is that if people don’t have the confidence in him any longer, then it is the right thing for him to resign.

“That is the best thing you can do for your party, for your country, so that you don’t have this turmoil any longer of people resigning left right and centre.”

A young duo expressed that they agreed with his resignation.

Elena Kershaw, 18, said: “I think it was right that he resigned and that he should be out of power before Autumn.”

Thomas Kendall, 18, added: “With more and more people resigning it shows that they clearly don’t want with him.

“It’s not like he can properly start again and hire loads of people because nobody wants to work with him, so he doesn’t really have a choice.

“If people don’t want to work with him now, they won’t want to work with him for a few more months either.”

Wimbledon Times: Elena Kershaw and Thomas KendallElena Kershaw and Thomas Kendall

Micheal Conway, 64, from Bromley explained that he felt it was a shame that it had come to this point.

The 64-year-old said: “I think it was inevitable that he had to go, he seems to have lost the support of his MPs and ministers.

“It is a bit of a shame that he didn’t manage it better.

“Obviously there needs to be an organised handover but I think given the poor handling of the whole situation it might be been better to put the deputy Prime Minister in to hold the Government together while they have the time to hold the leadership election.”

“I think if he is to stay on it will just create more turbulence.

“I think Boris Johnson has been like a cat with nine lives really and has escaped one thing or another.

“I’m never really sure of his integrity or his honour and here he goes in the most unfortunate way.”

Wimbledon Times: Micheal ConwayMicheal Conway

Sean Harrison, 35, from Raynes Park, explained that he had not been too engaged with politics since lockdown, but was pleased to see him go.

“Personally I think it was the right decision.

“I feel like he has messed up time and time again – It is not even that he has messed up, it’s his failure to acknowledge it, which in my opinion over the years seems to be a running thing with a lot of politicians.

“Only thing is, is the person who steps in his place going to be that much better?

“My question is what is next?”

“I can understand why people would want him out of power sooner as a lot of people have just had it with him now.

“I would rather that there is the time to put a plan in place rather than rushing into it so that there is that command lined up for when he properly does leave.”

Wimbledon Times: Sean HarrisonSean Harrison

Allie Cooper, 20, was the only person who expressed a clear disappointment in Boris’s resignation and said that she felt he had been treated harshly.

Allie, who was visiting Wimbledon from Sussex said: “I like Boris.

“He has dealt with quite a lot over Covid and which came at the completely wrong time for a new Prime Minister.

“Everyone got things wrong, and I think just because he is a figure head he has been called out for it too much.

“I think people are doing worse things in the world right now and they are focusing on that and everyone is looking to blame someone.

“Everyone is looking for someone they can blame, and he has just been pinned under it.”

When asked who she would like to step up as the next prime minister, she said: “I don’t think I would want to put anyone in that role at the moment to be honest.”

70-year-old Nick McGougah expressed his disapproval of the prime minister, particularly regarding Brexit.

Nick from Wimbledon said: “It is about time he resigned.

“We saw through his lies about how great Brexit was going to be, it has now been a complete disaster.

“He has then given much more serious lies to the public which has undermined democracy.

“He wanted to entertain everyone by being full of glee coming out of Europe, like some Gary Glitter type dancing on stage.

“I have just been on holiday and some Americans said to me that Boris Johnson has done to the British what Trump did to them.

“He has made us unpopular all over the world.

“Not to mention ruining businesses, telling lies, and taking the glory for Covid and the vaccinations when it was always going to happen.

“He jumps on the band wagon.

“He is a bit like a schoolboy trying to escape discipline.”

Wimbledon Times: Nick McGougahNick McGougah

Ben Freya from Worchester Park was volunteering for Dons Local Action Group by collecting food donations outside Morrisons.

Ben, 44, said: “It is sort of a mixture of feelings, he should have gone a long long time ago in my opinion.

“He was never fit to be prime minister.

“What this means over the next few months is slightly concerning but I am delighted that he is gone.

“If think if he resigns, he should go now and they should choose another leader as quickly as possible.”

Wimbledon Times: Ben FreyaBen Freya


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