A South London private school that costs £10,000 a year has been told to improve by Ofsted.

The London Acorn School in Morden Hall Park describes itself as  a “pioneering alternative school”.

The primary school opened in September 2013 and was rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted at its first inspection in 2014.

Inspectors, who visited the school in December found that those in charge of the school didn’t have a clear idea of their responsibilities under independent school standards.

The report, published this month, read: “The school is not currently compliant with all the independent school standards, and this inspection highlighted several weaknesses that were put right during the inspection.

“Parents were not formally consulted over the new relationships, sex and health education policy.

"This consultation was made formal during the inspection, but it was one example of the proprietor body and governors’ lack of awareness of their statutory responsibilities.”

They also found that teachers were deciding what to teach children rather than following the school’s own curriculum planning.

But the report also said that children behave well and know what to do if bullying should occur.

Ofsted said: “Pupils are happy and safe at the London Acorn School.

"They like their school and their teachers. Teachers encourage pupils to be creative and expressive.

"They support pupils’ understanding of the world and where they sit as individuals within it.”

The school currently has 60 pupils and is registered to take on children up to the age of 14.

But inspectors found that there was no curriculum plans beyond the primary phase of school.

On it’s website, the school states it educates children from three and a half to 11-years-old.

Despite this, the Ofsted report added: “There are no curriculum plans for pupils beyond the primary phase.

"This means the school is not ready to provide education, including RSE and careers guidance, to pupils in the secondary phase.

"Leaders should ensure curriculum planning is in place to meet the statutory requirements for pupils up to age 14.”

The London Acorn School was contacted for comment.