Dons Local Action Group welcomed over 100 abseilers and over 2,500 attendees to the family fun day on Sunday.

The event was hosted at the Cherry Red Records Stadium on Plough Lane and included a sponsored abseil of the stadium, five aside football tournaments ran by AFC Wimbledon and live music.

Since the start of the pandemic Dons Local Action Group has been collecting, sorting and redistributing food, furniture and IT for those living in poverty in Kingston, Merton and Wandsworth.

A total of £30,000 was raised to ensure that they are always able to provide food and support to the people in the community who need it.

Ten-year-olds Olivia Woodhouse and Evie Hand and 11-year-old George Powell decided that they were going to take on the abseiling challenge.

The trio smashed their target and raised more than £1,500 for the cause.

Evie said: “My adrenaline got the best of me, but I was able to complete the abseil thanks to the cheering crowd.

“It was really important for me to finish so that we can continue to help those less fortunate”

Wimbledon Times: The sponsored abseil down the side of the West StandThe sponsored abseil down the side of the West Stand

They were the top fundraisers out of everyone who took part in the sponsored abseil down the side of the West Stand that day.

They are still taking donations.

Dons Local Action Group volunteer, Lily McConnell, said: “They originally set a target to raise one hundred pounds each and now they are sitting at over £1,500 which is incredible.”

Lily joined the charity on the third week of its launch and was delighted to see so many people come along for the fun day.

This is the largest fundraiser the charity has hosted so far and is hoped that the family fun day will become an annual event from now on.

“It was so amazing to see so many people and kids on the pitch and play where the players have been playing all season.”

“This is the first time we have been able to open the new stadium for everyone and invite the whole community,” she said.

Wimbledon Times: Dons Local Action Group volunteer, Lily McConnell,Dons Local Action Group volunteer, Lily McConnell,

Lily also decided to give the abseil a go despite never doing one before.

“I found that my feet were slipping because of the rain, so if it was slippery enough for me, I can’t imagine what it was like for them later on in the day.

“I was almost crying with adrenaline at the end,” she said.


Currently, Dons Local Action Group have 600 active volunteers and more than 2000 registered despite only existing for just over two years.

Lily said: “It’s a really special group that has a really special relationship with the community.

“I have so much pride in the things we have been able to achieve from the donations that people give us.

“I am so moved by how kind people are and what we can do when we come together.

“The work comes from the community and goes straight back into the community, and we see it first-hand.”

Craig Wellstead, Co-Founder of Dons Local Action Group said: “This is our first year hosting an event like this and people turned out in force, no matter how wet the weather was.

“We want to thank everyone who spent the day with us and contributed to a fantastic day for our community and those we help.”