A Balham couple are still in shock after witnessing the death of a greyhound during a race at Wimbledon Stadium last Friday.

Fred and Janet Baylis, of Heslop Road, had gone to the stadium with a group of family and friends as part of their silver wedding anniversary celebrations organised by the travel agents he works for.

Mr Baylis, 48, said: "Neither of us had been to the dogs before and I must admit that, as dog-lovers, we weren't particularly enjoying it, as the greyhounds were hurtling round the track very close together at breakneck speed.

"Then, in the third race a greyhound called Icecream Charlie went tumbling over at the third bend and was lying motionless on the track.

"On the way out of the stadium we were told by officials that the dog had broken his neck and had been put down."

Mr Baylis has vowed never to go near a greyhound track again and his place of work has vowed never again to organise any trips to the dogs.

Tony Peters, of greyhound protection group Greyhound Action, said: "The greyhound in question wasn't even two years old and has had his young life brutally ended by this terrible incident.

"The racing industry itself admits that over 3,000 greyhounds are put to death each year when their racing 'careers' come to an end. Six states in the USA have banned greyhound racing in recent years, so there is no reason why a ban shouldn't be imposed in the UK."

For more information about Greyhound Action call 01562 700 043 or 07703 55872 or visit greyhoundaction.org.uk