A pub in Wimbledon is offering free dinner and wine to those who will be lonely on Christmas Day.

The Alexandra in Wimbledon Hill Road has been offering its hospitality during the festive season since 2014, and will continue to do so this December 25.

Dubbed a "don't be on your own on Christmas day dinner", The Alexandra says this year's meal will be "bigger than ever".

There are "no strings" and "no catch" - The Alexandra just doesn't anyone to be alone this Christmas.

They're offering free dinner and free wine as long as you turn up between 12pm and 3pm on the day.

You'll be sat on tables of four, six and eight to enjoy your three course meal with some new Christmas friends.

The Alexandra pub tweeted: "Are we doing it again this year?

"Course we are!!

"Our "don't be on your own on Christmas day" dinner is going to be bigger than ever.

"No strings, no catch, if you're going to be on your own on Christmas day, don't be.

"Come to us instead for a FREE dinner, with FREE vino. COME!!"