Magnus Carlson eat your heart out.

An 11-year-old from Wimbledon wowed the chess community after storing to a second-place finish at the recent British Chess Championships.

Wimbledon school kid Zain Patel from Kings College Senior School in Wimbledon reportedly spent two weeks over summer playing online chess to qualify into the Chess Championship Finals that took place in Milton Keynes last weekend (October 2-3).

All the preparation and preliminary victories stood him in good stead as he entered into the in-person, high intensity finals that pitted him against the 15 best chess players of his age from across the country.

Wimbledon Times:

After a slew of victories that defied his ranking of 11 going in, Zain just missed out on victory after losing to eventual winner Kenneth Hobson.

That was enough for an extremely impressive second place and silver trophy.

"I am really happy to have earnt the Runner Up trophy this year, but I am a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to get the Gold this time," Zain said. "Anyhow I suppose there’s always next year - there won’t be any older kids to stand in my way then!" He added.