A man has issued a warning to fellow dog owners after a stranger sprayed him and his dogs with pepper spray in a random attack in Sutton.

Mr Rudman said he was walking his two dogs along an alleyway near Royston Park when he was approached at around 8.50 am on July 12.

"I saw this woman step aside onto the grass with an aerosol can in her hand," he told Sutton Guardian.

"Immediately, I realised who it was as I had heard about her attacks.

Wimbledon Times: Photo taken of the alleged attacker and her dog Photo taken of the alleged attacker and her dog

"My dogs went to see her dogs and I warned her not to spray (it) on my dogs, but she ignored me and sprayed them!

"I pushed her away which is when she sprayed me with the pepper spray."

Mr Rudman went onto say that his dogs ran off in a "panic" after the woman "verbally abused" him.

"The police attended and then went off to look for her," he said.

"My eyes and face were burning and the policeman said if I washed it off with water it would be worse," he said.

"I had to get it off so used water as I didn’t know what else to use and it made it ten times worse and I couldn’t see for about 30 mins.

"She also wasn't worried about getting her own dog with the pepper spray so I’m a bit concerned on how she treats the poor thing."

Mr Rudman recently shared the incident on social media, which has seen a number of dog owners speak up to say they have also been attacked.

"It needs to be sorted because she has attacked so many people," he added.

Met police has been contacted for comment.

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