Looking for a new space to enjoy a drink whilst watching the Euros and the Wimbledon Championships? Then this might be the place for you.

Located on the side of Centre Court Shopping Centre, nestled nicely along the parade of shops, you can find Queens Road Market.

Fitting perfectly with the aesthetics of the All Lawn Tennis Club, the venue is decorated with an outdoor theme which features a green lawn for the flooring and plants placed across the venue.

The venue has indoor seating with an in-house bar and Wimbledon inspired cocktail menu.

Sports fans can also stay entertained by watching their favourite sports live with the choice of two TV screens.

Wimbledon Times: Service with a smile at Queens Road Market Service with a smile at Queens Road Market

As you step outside, you will see a large seating area which tails all the way down to sheltered seating nearer to Centre Court car park.

As you walk along the pathway, you can smell freshly made street food which you can order in person or via an app.

I and my friend both ordered a chicken burger with chips - the filling included crunchy lettuce, peppers and was topped with a brioche bun.

It was so filling - we had no room for dessert!

The venue has an array of options featuring everything from rib-eye steak on fries to oriental bites.

Wimbledon Times: Burger and chips Burger and chips

We spoke to Senior Marketing Account Manager Lynsey Coleman about the new pop-up market.

"It has a really ambient atmosphere- It's a really lovely space to spend your time," said Lynsey.

"We started this initially so that we could launch it with the tennis and then gain more popularity and establish itself beyond that.

"Which is why you can see lots of tennis decor around here, lots of pictures of old Wimbledon, we wanted it to be very personal to Wimbledon.

"This is not a bar you would find anywhere else."

Wimbledon Times:

Speaking about the benefits of the pop-up market, she added: "It has been a really hard time for retail.

"As you can tell, we've lost a few stores in here but we've just been brought and have new owners now.

"They are keen in not just regenerating the centre but helping to bring a lot of life back into the town.

"Especially with the focus of Queens Road because it could do with regeneration to it. It is a quiet road.

"This is why, this is one of the first things we are doing here, to start connecting Queens Road with the rest of the town.

"Retail is still suffering, it's been hard for years, it’s a traditional vs digital conflict.

"But adding leisure bits in, it adds to the customer experience, and it helps people fall back in love with retail because they are falling in love with a day, an event or an experience.

"The plan is for a summer pop-up but if it is really popular then we will give the people what they want."

Queens Road Market is open daily between the hours of 11 am to 11 pm.

To keep up to date visit their website here.