Residents have shared the shocking conditions inside of number of properties on a housing estate in Mitcham, South London.

Families living on Eastfields Estate say they have been forced to live in unfit housing full of damp, mice, and asbestos panels.

Since publishing a story last week, more residents have come forward to speak on the appalling conditions. Some say they have been complaining to their housing association for "decades."

A family of six who live in a one bedroom flat, said they have also had "constant leaks" in their bathroom. They said that they have "lost count" of the number of complaints they have raised over the past seven years.

"We ended up with mould and mushrooms in there while pregnant," they said.

Several tenants said that despite the "whole estate" being riddled with rats, the housing association has ignored their concerns.

Wimbledon Times: Eastfields Estate Eastfields Estate

"My daughter even trod on a mouse. I'm on the second floor! They are in the walls everywhere," said a woman who has lived on the estate for 20 years.

Another referenced an email from a pest control company which stated that they believe there is a "wider issue inside" their flat block concerning rats.

She said she was forced to call the private company after the housing association said "they don't do pest control anymore.".

"Honestly, I don’t even go into the kitchen I’m that scared," she said.

"My boyfriend fills up a jug of water for me before he goes to work, and I just buy food out."

Residents also complained about maintenance issues.

One person said that a broken fire door and main entry door has allowed people to come in and take drugs and said that others "urinate and poo" in the block.

Another resident spoke on how gaps in the windows have led to mould on the curtains - costing her a "great amount of money."

One parent said that she and her disabled daughter have been left without a shower for an entire year. She said that every time she showers it leaks through the kitchen ceiling - running onto her electric cables.

Wimbledon Times: Water pooled from a leak into a ceiling light ( Credit Kwajo Tweneboa)Water pooled from a leak into a ceiling light ( Credit Kwajo Tweneboa)

While another person said that her ceiling collapsed during lockdown and hasn't been fixed despite paying over £1,000 in rent each month.

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Speaking to Wimbledon Times about his findings, tenant Kwajo Tweneboa commented: "I don’t often cry and haven’t done since the death of my dad, but I cried the other night after being sent all the images/videos that my neighbours on the estate have sent me.

It is abuse. It is inhumane and more importantly illegal.

"The lives of clarion residents matter and so do their voices."

Mr Tweneboa has since launched a petition calling on Clarion's Chief Executive Clare Miller to resign, which has received hundreds of signatures in support.

Wimbledon Times: Mr Tweneboa says he and his family have been left in "unliveable" accommodation for three yearsMr Tweneboa says he and his family have been left in "unliveable" accommodation for three years

On Tuesday (June 1), Mitcham and Morden MP Siobhain McDonagh met with the Chief Executive to discuss Eastfields Estate and admitted she was "increasingly concerned" by the reports coming from residents.

She said her office would hold a meeting with Clarion on a weekly basis going forward to monitor "each and every repair issue that is brought to my attention".

A Clarion Housing spokesperson said: “The homes on the Eastfields Estate are coming to the end of their life and some are significantly overcrowded.

"This reflects the housing crisis across London and Clarion is doing all we can to respond as a social landlord.

"In addition to our long-term vision for regeneration, we have a continuing planned investment programme, which includes communal decorating, kitchen replacements and upgrades to fire doors.

"We recognise that some repairs and pest control measures have taken too long over the last six months and apologise to all affected residents.

Wimbledon Times: Insects caught in a trap ( Mr Tweneboa) Insects caught in a trap ( Mr Tweneboa)

"This was a result of staff shortages during the second wave of the pandemic and extra demand caused by people spending more time indoors.

"We are determined to get on top of every case on the Eastfields estate and to drive continued improvements to our service.

"To tackle the pest control issue, we will be expanding our existing baiting policy, with consultants on site this week."

Clarion Housing said residents are being invited to drop-in sessions to discuss the planned regeneration and will also have the chance to raise repairs issues.

Councillor Martin Whelton, cabinet member for housing, regeneration and climate emergency at Merton Council said: "I am very concerned to hear about the condition of the property, and we have raised these issues as a matter of urgency with Clarion, who own the property and are responsible for the maintenance of the property."

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