Hundreds of residents have encouraged a yarn group to "crack on with their colourful displays" after they received an anonymous letter asking them to be removed from the streets of Merton.

Penny Bettel, of Spin us a yarn, has been filling Colliers Wood with her bright crochet art since November 2020.

Spin us a yarn creates everything from post box toppers to crochet tree decorations - with some creations being dedicated to charities.

The yarn group, which now has over 70 Facebook members, has been praised for making people smile throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Wimbledon Times: Spin us a yarn outside Colliers Wood Underground StationSpin us a yarn outside Colliers Wood Underground Station

With some people branding the group and their crafts as a 'life-saver' for their mental health.

Between families, adults isolating alone and passers-by, the joyful decorations seemed to be a hit with the "majority" of Merton.

But on Tuesday ( May 18), Penny was left "astounded" after she received a letter through her door which called for the group's work to be removed.

The person who wrote the letter acknowledged that Penny "clearly has a talent" but says that it is not fair to "force" the displays on people.

Wimbledon Times:

The letter read: "I write on behalf of a growing number of residents in the Colliers Wood area that have the same feeling.

"It has come to our attention that you are the person who has been decorating the trees etc with crochet blankets and animals, jewels, plastic decorations etc.

You very clearly have a super talent in your craft however many people would prefer to view the trees as well as other areas in their natural state.

"Have you considered putting your talent to really good use by making items that can be donated to charities that would welcome blankets, toys etc?

"Its with a heavy heart that we ask that you might please consider removing many of these items from the local area."

The letter has since been shared far and wide on Facebook, with hundreds of comments in support of the crochet art.

Wimbledon Times: Penny is fundraising for a Cerelbral Palsy charity in name of her young neighbour who lives with the conditionPenny is fundraising for a Cerelbral Palsy charity in name of her young neighbour who lives with the condition

One Colliers Wood resident responded: "Penny. I was very low when you & my husband decorated my tree.

"I've looked at that tree for over a year dreaming of the day I could go out without fear.

"I've had both jabs but I am still frightened to leave my house.

"My little owls brighten my day each time I look at them. You provided me with some relief."

Wimbledon Times:

Speaking about the letter, Penny said: "I felt deflated and even a bit dirty when I received the anonymous letter yesterday. It came through the mail and the water stamp was from Croydon.

"Of course we have our own opinions, but this person was too scared to put a name to the letter.

"They obviously don’t know me very well, as they suggested that the groups time should be spent on charity.

"We are creating items right now for Jumble trail which will occur in September, and any money raised will go to local charity.

Wimbledon Times:

"I can’t forgive this person, as they have hurt a group of wonderful people who helped each other throughout lockdown.

"I have got over it as much as I can, and feel so blessed by the majority of the wonderful Colliers Wood Community!"

Penny is well known in Colliers Wood for her community organisation work, Christmas decorations and chocolates for school children and more.

She originally started to plant flowers and hang baskets in the Park Road area around 10-years-ago, which led to plants being sponsored by a local business.

Wimbledon Times:

Together with other residents she organised the Colliers Wood street party which has been running for around five years.

Speaking about her latest venture, she said: "I was chatting to a couple of friends who were depressed and bored and they said that they would like to join in.

"We gained a lot of interest and decided that it was time to start creating our toppers.

"I have had lovely feedback from our members who say that the group saved their mental health and boredom during lockdown.

Wimbledon Times:

"Also we have made some lovely new friends with similar interests.

"I can’t thank the community and of course the members of the incredibly talented members of Spin us a yarn (Colliers Wood) for their support on what has been a bit of an unpleasant experience [ with the letter].

"We are currently working on another topper for near the bus garage and have been commissioned for creations on the new wine bar based at Merton Abbey Mills and St Helier Hospital Maternity wing."