South Western Railway has announced a new trial service to reassure customers as they return to the railway.

The new service will be trailed at selected stations, including Wimbledon, and will provide customers with a new way to ask any travel enquiries or advice.

Welcome hosts will have a designated area which customers will see as they enter Wimbledon station and will be available to answer questions, provide tips for safe travel on the railway and encourage social distancing.

Wimbledon is one of eight stations on the network trialling the service, and it is anticipated that the move will help to reduce ticket office and gate line queues.

Wimbledon Station

Wimbledon Station

James Dolling, Head of Customer Experience Change Programmes at South Western Railway, said: “We’re living through uncertain times so want to do everything we can to help reassure customers as they return to the railway.

"We hope the Welcome Hosts will provide a useful new service for passengers, as well as helping to reduce the need for queuing at ticket offices or gatelines for travel related questions.

“The Welcome Hosts will be actively encouraging passengers to maintain social distancing and will have hand sanitiser at their stations for customers to use.

"We’re looking forward to welcoming our customers back to Wimbledon station and hope the new Welcome Hosts will provide the reassurance they need to feel safe when using our network.”

The trial is set to run for four to six weeks but could become permanent fixture at the station if successful.