Residents living in Pitt Crescent in Wimbledon have called out Merton Council for their latest parking proposals which could have a "damaging" effect to their street.

It comes after Merton Council originally launched an informal consultation which was carried out between August 10 and September 4, 2020. To introduce a controlled parking zone (CPZ) to include Gap Road, Durnsford Road and Pitt Crescent.

It was found that residents largely opposed the CPZ which compromises of yellow line waiting restrictions and various types of parking bays during controlled times.

In response, Merton Council decided to exclude Pitts Crescent and Dunsford Road but still proposed that the double yellow lines should go forward.

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In the consultation it stated that the proposed double yellow lines in the area are "essential to ensure safety and access for all road users."

"Regardless of the outcome of the proposed CPZ consultation officers will strongly recommend that the proposed double yellow lines are introduced," it said.

"This will ensure clear access for all road users including pedestrians."

In response, residents have slammed the "disastrous" parking proposals and said that their voices are not being heard by the council.

Resident Sam Fathers commented: "By putting the double yellow lines in will take away many car parking spaces, leaving a deficit of approx. 15-20 cars.

"The parking restrictions are planned till 8pm daily, making all residents having to buy a permit, even if their vehicle is used in their working day.

"I feel this is a money-making scheme by the council, and they have refused to listen to alternative ideas the residents have had."

Resident Bob Cherry said: "The council are here to serve the residents.

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"Our voices should be heard, but I feel they are being ignored in favour of making money at our expense."

Wimbledon Park Councillor Edward Gretton said: “This looks like another disastrous proposal from Merton Council.

"The Council wasted enormous time and resources on proposing a CPZ for Pitt Crescent which was rejected by the residents.

"Despite that, the Council has now proposed an even more extreme scheme to lay double yellow lines throughout the whole area.

"It is an over engineered proposal that would inconvenience all residents, be damaging to the local street and needs to be dropped immediately.”

Merton Council have been contacted for comment.