A student from Wimbledon has won a entrepreneurship award for his sustainable textiles company which he started with his father.

Gabriel Moreno, of Oxford University, has been awarded in the 'All-Innovate' competition, for best postgraduate idea for his eco-friendly textile company, Fiquetex.

Fiquetex was chosen out of thousands of other entries by a panel of expert judges for its socio-environmental benefits to help create a greener planet.

The start-up aims to combat pollution and landfill waste created by unsustainable textile production.

MSc student, Gabriel and his father Alex, an engineer, spent five years researching and designing their fabrics, which use just 10 per cent of the energy needed to make the same amounts in Nylon.

Wimbledon Times: Alex with Fique plant Alex with Fique plant

Opened by CEO at Apple, Tim Cook in 2017, the Oxford Foundry hosted the competition, delivered in collaboration with EY, which seeks out the best ideas that will have a positive impact on the world.

The competition judges say they were impressed by the stylish and durable Fique fabric, which can be used to make carrier bags, packaging material, scouring pads and cut flower wrapping, as an alternative to the current unsustainable plastic alternatives.

The father and son duo will also produce the Fique Vegan Leather, which is adaptable for all industries, and they hope to stock for major fashion retailers who are also in the search for green alternatives.

Wimbledon Times:

Gabriel, who is currently studying Latin American Economics, said that the award has given him further confidence in his start-up, he said: "I've always been passionate about how we can live more sustainably today to secure a healthier and greener future for the planet.

"Companies from H&M to Forest Green Rovers football club are looking for new sustainable alternatives.

"Countries such as China and Canada are banning single-use plastics and we have the environmentally friendly and economical solution the world needs."

Alex Moreno and Gabriel also worked with the Royal Academy of Engineering in London to perfect their disruptive, innovative process.

Fiquetex will begin trading in July later this year and can be found here.