Police have seized an illegal wolf-skin 'rug' recently discovered by the Met Police's Wildlife Crime Team in Tooting.

The 'stunning specimen' was listed on the open market without the correct certification, and was seized by officers cracking down on the 'vile' fur trade.

Wimbledon Times:

Tooting Ward Police Team tweeted out saying "another Wildlife Crime I/V completed after the sale of a recently manufactured Wolf-Skin (Canis Lupus) 'Rug' was discovered.'

"This stunning specimen should never be on the open market, especially without the correct certification (or ever in my opinion!)"

This follows a similar bust last month, when officers from Tooting working with the Wildlife Crime Unit seized a monkey skin jacket illegally advertised.

Wimbledon Times:

Officers said they were working "to ensure this vile trade is halted" as the jacket was believed to be made from the skins of many Annex A, protected and endangered species.