Dons Local Action Group has been named, alongside Marcus Rashford, as a winner of the Sports Journalists’ Association's (SJA) Sport for Social Change awards.

The volunteer group were recognised for their ongoing support and fight against poverty across Merton, Wandsworth and Kingston.

Set up by AFC Wimbledon fans at the beginning of the pandemic, the community group grew rapidly and were joined by hundreds of fans and non-fans alike.

Since its launch, volunteers have delivered over 128,000 food boxes, 175 furniture and appliances and 1000 laptops and tablets across all three boroughs.

“The Dons Local Action Group’s work is a terrific example of the positive impact football clubs can have on local communities," said SJA Chair Ashley Broadley.

Wimbledon Times:

Xavier Wiggins, of Dons Local Action Group, said: "It really is an honour to be up there among such fantastic names.

"The volunteers have given so much this year and they deserve the boost this recognition has given them.

"I really think that there is a decent sprinkling of Wimbledon DNA over Dons Local Action Group.

"We see barriers and we think about how to go round them and over them, rather than turn round.

"All of our brilliant friends picked up on this journey. Old Ruts Members, Schools, Groups of Parents. The list feels endless.

"The football club and its massive volunteer base has achieved so much."

Wimbledon Times:

Speaking about the importance of football clubs in the community, he said: "It is crucial.

"That feeling of belonging that a football club gives you makes you even keener to help.

"AFC Wimbledon fans take our position in the community extremely seriously, as you can see.

He added: "I want every school kid and everyone with challenges in our community to look at AFC Wimbledon and at DLAG as examples of what can be done with passion, intelligence, organisation and energy.

Wimbledon Times:

"Barriers will always be put up but there is no need to accept them as barriers.

"I would love everyone in our community to join up with the Dons Trust and feel part of what the club is doing and will be doing in the coming years.

"I'd love parents to talk to their kids about our story and to encourage their kids to follow our example.

"I'd like everyone in our community to play a part in looking after each other.

Wimbledon Times:

"DLAG would not be here without the generosity of the shoppers, laptop donors, furniture donors and volunteers.

"Our achievements this year have been a credit to our community and because of our community.

"DLAG is here to stay and will continue to grow the support it offers in the community."

Dons Local Action Group are currently building on new partnerships. They are now a permanent entity within the AFC Wimbledon Foundation.

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