Who would have thought 2020 - a year which once conjured up futuristic images of flying cars and hover boards, has instead painted a more traditional landscape where local folk sell local produce in picturesque food markets.

Each and every weekend from now until Christmas, Wimbledon will be bursting with food, drink, crafts, gifts and an abundance of bespoke goods sold on market stalls set up in and around our village and town.

On a sunny winter’s day, nothing quite beats a stroll to a nearby market to pick up fresh produce from a local trader. Even on a cold winter’s day, there is charm in selecting handmade goods and smiling to the person who made it, albeit through twinkling eyes.

Wimbledon Times:

We are spoilt for choice at local markets, from fresh cakes and bread, hand poured candles, local breweries, gin, hand crafted decorations and accessories, to food from Greece, Brazil and the Caribbean.

So, eat drink and be merry in the warm fuzzy knowledge that the produce is fresh, the gifts have been made with love and the traders you have supported will also have a jolly good Christmas.

Happy Christmas shopping,



Wimbledon Times:

Love Wimbledon Market on the Piazza-

Every Saturday and Sunday 11am – 6pm

Friday 11th & 18th until 7pm

Wimbledon Artisan Market

Every Saturday and Sunday 9am -2pm

Wimbledon RFC Rugby Club

Wimbledon Village Farmers Market

Every Sunday 10am - 3pm

By Wimbledon Common

Wimbledon Village