The last two weeks have seen several 'terrifying' incidents including sexual assaults, stabbings and abduction attempts reported to the police.

The surge in incidents, all involving school children, has followed what seemed to be a relatively quiet school term.

We have listed the horrific reported crimes that have been reported to us within the Croydon, Sutton and Merton areas recently.

The below incidents were reported by children in both secondary and primary school, starting from November 3 to November 9.

Man charged with rape and kidnap

Wimbledon Times:

Kadian Nelson has been charged by Met Police

In scenes which rocked the internet, a video of a man appearing to attempt to abduct a girl was shared a million times in a bid to bring him to justice.

The man in the footage is thought to be Kadian Nelson, who has since been charged with rape and kidnap.

He is accused of attempting to abduct the girl in the North Place area of Mitcham, on November 3.

We spoke to a key witness, a mother, who told us how herself and her three daughters helped save the teenage girl.

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Attempted abduction of Colliers Wood schoolboy

Wimbledon Times:

One day later, a second attempted abduction was reported on November 4. 

Police were called after the child, thought to be in Year 5, reported that he was approached in Colwood Gardens at around 8.20 am.

It is believed that the child was making his way to Singlegate Primary School when the incident took place.

A passer-by reportedly intervened after she saw the man "grab the child from the back of his neck."

A spokesperson for Met Police said: "Police were called following reports that a child had been approached.

"Officers have spoken with the child and a family member and are looking into the circumstances of the incident.

"No injuries were reported."

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Croydon schoolgirl stabbings

Wimbledon Times:

Inspector Weston from Croydon MPS announced a heightened police presence after two school girls were stabbed

A 15-year-old boy has been charged with several sexual assault and violent crimes after two school girls were stabbed in Thornton Heath.

The two school girls, both aged 15, were attacked in two separate incidents just days apart on Wednesday, November 4, and Friday, November 6.

The first happened sometime before 9am on November 4.

At the scene on Moffat Road, Croydon, emergency services found a 15-year-old girl who had been approached by a stranger and stabbed in the leg.

The second stabbing took place around 48 hours later, on November 6, when another 15-year-old girl was found on St Paul’s Road in Croydon after she was stabbed by a stranger in the arm.

Both girls were rushed to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

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Police step up presence in Thornton Heath after school girl stabbings

Parents alerted after alleged sexual assault of Carshalton student

Wimbledon Times:

Park Hill area of Carshalton

This incident reportedly took place in October - but it was first alerted to authorities on November 9.

A student was allegedly assaulted whilst walking home from secondary school in the Park Hill area of Carshalton.

The student, from Oaks Park High School, reported that she was followed on three separate occasions.

Sutton Schools and Youth Inspector, Kathy Morteo, notified parents by email on November 10.

"On November 9, South Area police were notified of three separate incidents where a student from Oaks Park High School has been followed and sexually assaulted whilst walking home from school.

"These incidents occurred at the beginning of October and we have received no further reports of this nature since then.

"These incidents are being investigated and we are asking parents and guardians to remind children of the personal safety guidance they have been given."

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