PICTURES show customers at Abbey Mills on the first weekend of the second lockdown. 

People were pictured "bending the rules" on Sunday, November 8.

Passers-by complained to Wimbledon Times following a "gathering" at around 12 pm on Sunday.

One passer-by reported that alcohol was served in "plastic cups rather than a bottle to go."

She questioned whether the alcohol was ordered through click and collect. 

The incident follows a visit to Abbey Mills by Merton Council and a BBC reporter on Friday ( November 6).

Wimbledon Times:

A spokesperson for Merton Council said: “We visited Abby Mills on Friday, along with a reporter from the BBC ,to work with businesses there to ensure they understood and were following the new Covid-19 safety measures in effect under the new restrictions.

"There were a few cases which required some adjustments and businesses were willing to act upon the advice given. Since our visit, all the benches shown in the report have been removed.

“We are investigating whether the sale of alcohol from those licensed premises was in breach of the new restrictions.

"However, this gathering clearly breaks social distancing rules and has been referred to the police with whom we work closely on community engagement.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to stick to the rules.

"For those people who are going out and about, please remember that under the new restrictions there are only certain reasons to be leaving your home.

"They are childcare or education, work, exercise, medical concerns, emergencies and visiting your support bubble.

"For those out doing their essential shopping or using the increasing number of businesses providing click and collect services, please remember to follow the rules around hands, face and space.

"We would remind everyone to avoid gathering in groups to socialise outside."

Met Police have been contacted for comment.