A study of gym visits since reopening facilities has revealed the growing confidence in Merton gym-goers to get back to their fitness regimes and remain fit, healthy, and active.

Better, the largest operator of municipal leisure facilities in the UK, has revealed Merton has seen a total of 32487 visits to local gyms since reopening.

The statistics breakdown the types of visitors who have returned to leisure centres within Merton since gyms launched their phased returns on July 25.

Better has published the statistics of how many people have returned to fitness between July 25 and September 24.

Wimbledon Times:

All images by Better’s social distancing workout page

There have been a total of:

• 27669 visits to local Better swimming pool facilities

•32487 visits to local Better gym facilities

•5729 visits to local Better fitness classes

Merton, therefore, saw 65885 visits to its community leisure facilities since July 25- with the Wimbledon Leisure Centre being the most popular.

56.6% of those gym visits were made by male users, while the age-group returning in the highest numbers are those aged 26-45. However, the older generation is equally keen to remain fit and strong in the new socially distanced gyms, with an impressive 18.6% of returning users being aged 51 and over.

Despite not being possible to operate at full capacity due to opening in Covid-secure ways, the work of those in charge of the gyms, swimming pools and fitness classes has meant that millions across the country can safely return to their preferred fitness regimes in safe environments.

Wimbledon Times:

Research has proved that aerobic exercise increases immunological fitness, and guards against obesity, while also reducing the risk of hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease – three of the most important underlying conditions for Coronavirus.

A spokesperson for Better said: “Now more than ever, keeping active and engaged in our health is crucial, and having friendly, welcoming, safe spaces to do this has helped so many people get back into their routines and a little bit of normality.

“Having ensured our centres, swimming pools and fitness classes are adhering to guidelines and are safe for all, we have seen strong numbers coming back through the gym doors, and we are excited to see this confidence continue.”

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Usage figures refer to individual visits, rather than number of members/users.