A 17-year-old is in the runnings for a place in a global science competition after wowing judges with her unique entry.

Ana Calina, of Kings College School, is competing for a $250,000 scholarship which will help her study in the US.

The Breakthrough Junior Challenge aims to inspire fresh, creative explanations of fundamental concepts in the life sciences, physics and mathematics.

Ana has been selected as one of 30 semi-finalists out of around 60,000 registrants, in 202 countries.

In her video submission which wowed the judges, Ana explores the link between mathematics and music.

"The connection between mathematics and the arts is explored less, despite there being deep-rooted link between the two," said Ana.

Wimbledon Times:

All 30 semi-finalists competed in the ‘Popular Vote’ contest, which invited the public to vote for their favourite submission on the Breakthrough Facebook Page.

Co-founder of the Breakthrough Prize, Julie Milner said: “The quality of the videos this year is extremely high.

“It’s really thrilling to see young people communicating these big ideas with such intelligence, as well as freshness and creativity.”

Speaking to Wimbledon Times, Ana Calina said: "Through this video, as the name of the competition suggests, I wanted to 'break through' a less documented area and explain what I think is one of the most exciting application of mathematics.

"Winning the competition would mean being one step closer to reaching my dream of studying in the US.

"I would also be honoured to gain recognition from the well-established professors and scientists that make up the Breakthrough Junior Challenge committee for a video which is truly representative of my both my passion for Mathematics and Music."

To see her entry visit 2020 Breakthrough Junior Challenge

Finalists will be announced later today.