A Level students that received lower grades than expected are being offered the opportunity to receive one-to-one creative writing support.

Current and former A Level students are being offered support from literary organisation The Crested Tit Collective.

The scheme which will provide mentorship over the course of the 2020-21 academic year, aims to assist young people through creative workshops.

The creative writing and literature workshops will take place monthly with an assigned tutor from The Crested Tit Collective.

Each session aims to develop the student's work through feedback and introduce them to new forms of literature and poetry.

The team at Crested will join forces with independent publisher, Broken Sleep Books to offer students with a publication opportunity.

Wimbledon Times:

Project leader Emma Jenkins said: “As a teacher who has worked with A Level students this year, it was heartbreaking to see my students, who have worked so hard throughout the lockdown, miss out on their hard-earned grades because of the flawed government algorithm.

"This project is a real opportunity for students just like mine to work with and learn from real poets over the course of the year and get their work published by a fantastic press.

"I strongly encourage anyone that feels that their potential has been overlooked this year to apply to take part."

Editor at Broken Sleep Books, Aaron Kent, said: “The recent disastrous algorithm employed by Ofqual has lead to confusion and hurt by students the country over.

"Regardless of the decision to overturn this mistake, young people are still left with the ramifications of the failure to act in time.

" I am immensely proud to be teaming up with The Crested Tit Collective to offer a semblance of hope for some of those affected.”

The mentorship programme is open to the A Level cohort of 2019-20, and 2020-21 with all aspiring creative writing students welcome to apply, including those that are starting university in 2020.

Students are invited to apply to the scheme ahead of the deadline on October 31.

To apply visit tinyurl.com/CTCmentorship