A Wimbledon woman has joined forces with a cancer charity to help teenagers through their cancer diagnosis.

Cancer survivor Mikhaila, has joined a charity committee with Teens Unite, to help strengthen support for teenagers diagnosed with cancer.

The 23-year-old was first diagnosed with skin cancer at the age of 19 when she just started her final year of A-Levels.

At the moment of her diagnosis, Mikhaila says every aspect of her life was "suddenly thrown into the air" and suffered moments of isolation and loneliness.

Now in remission for four years, Mikhaila has powered through university, graduating with a first-class degree in Philosophy.

She says she was able to find her "silver lining" with the help of Teens Unite.

Teens Unite, a charity which helps teenagers and young adults across the UK, supported Mikhaila during her difficult journey.

Wimbledon Times:

Through workshops and a series of activities, the charity aims to create a safe and friendly space to support and introduce young people to each other, who are experiencing similar situations.

Joining a board with others who have experienced a cancer diagnosis, the 23-year-old will help the charity identify the needs of young people.

Her role will consist of; reviewing the impact of the services provided, identify new opportunities to improve the service provision and evaluate the long-term plans of the charity.

Mikhaila said: "My diagnosis changed everything – every single aspect of my life was suddenly thrown into the air.

My social life suffered as I became anxious about going out with friends and acting like everything was normal when it wasn’t.

"I became very isolated; your world truly does come crumbling down and life stops completely."

She added: “I always say that you need to find the silver linings in bad situations, situations like a cancer diagnosis.

"Teens Unite are my silver lining.

"I’ve met some of my best friends through the charity, and they have given me a tight-knit support group that I so badly needed.”

Roxanne Lawrance, CEO, Teens Unite has said: “No one understands the needs of a young person fighting cancer more than our beneficiaries who are in that position, and we felt it was important they had a voice for us to listen to.

"At Teens Unite, we empower the young people to become so much more than their cancer diagnosis, and for the 'Committeens' members this is an opportunity for personal growth, whilst having a direct impact on the future of others.”

For more information visit Teens Unite