Residents are appealing to Merton Council to improve the junction of Dunsford Road after a cyclist crashed with a large tipper lorry last week.

The appeal comes after police were called to reports of a collision at the junction of Dunsford Road and Plough Lane, at around 7.28 am on August 6.

The cyclist was rushed to a major trauma centre and his injuries were reported as non-life-threatening the next day.

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In response, residents say it was "only a matter of time" due to the road being “too dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians."

This isn't the first accident to happen on Dunsford Road, as a man was pronounced dead after a crash on January 21 this year.

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Merton Residents Transport Group are asking the Council to:

-Ensure the cycle path on the north side of Gap Road is safe, segregated from traffic and include dropped kerbs as needed.

- Introduce cycle lanes at the north end of Haydon's Road

- Make the temporary measures on the bridge permanent

- Restricting on-pavement parking

-Introduce a low traffic neighbourhood scheme 

Kathryn Stewart, of Merton Cycling Campaign and Merton Resident's Transport Group, Said:

Incidents like this are avoidable and illustrate the need for practical measures that keep cyclists of all ages and experience safe, especially at major junctions and pinch points.

"People are being encouraged to walk and cycle to school and work so they must be safe and feel confident to make these journeys.

"We would ask that the Council urgently consider these measures given the incident and previous incidents."

A spokesperson for Merton Council said:

“We are concerned about the incident that took place at Gap Road junction and our thoughts are with cyclists and driver involved.

We have received communication from the police stating that they are not investigating the case further and that human error or misjudgement was the contributory factor, not the layout of the road.

“Nonetheless, we will conduct a safety audit of the junction for pedestrians and cyclists, with a view to removing guard-rails which can create a hostile environment for cyclists, despite the existing provision of advance cycle stop lines on the junction.

"We have also recently installed mandatory cycle lanes on Plough Lane at this junction which will also be protected with lane-defenders.

“Our Traffic and Highways team also regularly engages with the Merton Transport Residents Group.

"Whilst our ability to develop road safety schemes is limited by the resources available, we are committed to delivering a Low Traffic Neighbourhood in the Haydon Park Road area.

"This project was supported by Cabinet on June 15 and funding was secured from TFL this month as part of our package of Covid-19 transport measures.

"We also hope to make improvements to Haydons Rd as part of the CIL funded neighbourhood parade enhancements scheduled later in 2020/21.”