Wimbledon Police Station has been chosen as the site for a combined emergency response unit covering Merton and Wandsworth.

Met Police has confirmed a staged move will begin to create a single parade site located at Wimbledon Police Station from July 29.

Currently, the Emergency Response Policing Team covering Wandsworth is based at Earlsfield Police Station, while the response team covering Merton is based at Wimbledon Police Station

Initially, 63 officers from the response team at Earlsfield will move to Wimbledon, with plans for 60 response team officers to remain at Earlsfield until later in the year.

The recently formed Violence Suppression Unit will move into Earlsfield Police Station with a number of CID investigative teams.

On July 29, the total number of officers based at Earlsfield will increase with uniformed officer numbers remaining consistent.

A spokesperson for Met Police said:

Having two separate sites less than two miles apart is not the most effective use of resources.

"Or the most efficient way to provide the best possible service for our communities.

"This move will make the best use of the current estate and will enable more effective command and control of resources and leadership.

"A wider feasibility review into the future of the South West BCU estate.

"Including, the future of Wimbledon and Earlsfield Police Stations – remains ongoing."

Wimbledon Times:

Lib Dem Councillor, Paul Kohler, and leader of the successful legal challenge ( in 2018) to halt the closure of the station, said:

"This is brilliant news, and whilst it doesn’t guarantee the station’s long term future, it is another positive sign that the operational arguments we have made for the last 3-years are winning through.

"It also means Wimbledon’s 24-hour front desk, which was only saved because of our court case, remains open."

Wimbledon MP, Stephen Hammond, commented on Twitter: "I am delighted the Met Police have acknowledged the operational importance of Wimbledon Police Station.

"This is the exact point I have been making as I fight to keep Wimbledon Station open."

Opening times are as follows:

-Wimbledon Police Station remains the site for the 24/7 police front counter on Merton borough.

-Mitcham Police Station, Monday to Friday 9-5.

-Lavender Hill remains the site for the 24/7 police front counter on Wandsworth borough.