The family of a talented busker say they “cannot imagine how life will ever be the same again” after his death.

The body of musician Finn Jones was found on July 13 in Leeds.

He was a keen songwriter and was often seen playing on the streets of south London, Brighton and Worthing.

But, nine days after a he was reported missing from an address in Leeds by his girlfriend, a body believed to be Finn was found by police search teams scouring the River Aire.

Now his family has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the student’s funeral.

His aunt, Laura Ologbenla, said: “Finn was a brilliantly talented musician, extremely funny, clever and a beautiful soul; we are all utterly heart broken and still cannot believe what has happened.”

She continued: “As a self-employed yoga teacher, living in this period of shock and grief means that Helen (her twin sister and Finn’s mum) is not able to work.

“I have put this Go Fund Me page together to raise money as a matter of urgency to help assist Helen fund the cost for Finns funeral along with providing financial support.”

Laura explained that Helen had battled for years for experts to “diagnose Finn correctly”.

Aged 13, it was eventually accepted that he had high-functioning autism, Laura explained, adding that he had more recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

This is a “mental health condition that affects your moods, which can swing from one extreme to another”, the NHS website states.

Laura described her sister as “the most amazing mum” but said there had been limited support for her as she raised her two sons, Finn and Sammy.

She said: “Sammy and Finn have always been extremely close and had a tight bond. When Sammy moved to London for uni, it affected Finn deeply.

“When it was time for Finn to go to uni, he increased his intake of alcohol and then drugs to help him cope with forming relationships and in generally coping in his new environment.”

She said Finn had a great social life, forming and joining a multitude of bands while pursuing his love of music.

He also raised money for mental health charity Mind through creating and selling an album, while also earning a “significant amount of money” by busking.

Laura said she thought this was “a turning point for him”.

But, in the early hours of July 4, his girlfriend reported he had gone missing.

And, on July 13, police contacted Finn’s family to say a body had been found in the search for him.

Laura said: “The world has stopped these last couple of weeks...we have no idea what was going through his mind and sadly never will.

“No one can imagine how it feels to live in a world where you are programmed differently to the majority of people around you.

“All of Finn’s family and friends cannot imagine how life will ever be the same again.”

The Go Fund Me campaign is called Finn Jones Mental Health Support 4 Single Parents.

So far, more than £6,400 of the £20,000 target has been reached.

The family says any additional funds will be donated to mental health charity Mind.