Two men have been arrested after a police pursuit saw a vehicle speed down the wrong side of Hartfield Road.

At around 8.15 pm officers indicated for a vehicle to stop in Wimbledon, on June 30.

The car failed to stop which lead to a dramatic police pursuit, with eyewitness reports of around 15 police cars in attendance.

Footage shows the car speeding across Wimbledon Common onto Cannizaro Road and heading towards Wimbledon Village.

Police dogs and a helicopter was also spotted after the two suspects reportedly fled the vehicle in an attempt to escape police.

An eyewitness describes the moment he slammed on his breaks after the car was speeding on the wrong side of Hartfield Road.

He said: "While I was driving on Hartfield Road almost at the giveaway line a car coming the wrong way almost drove into me missing me by 10 metres.

"I quickly hit the breaks, the car swerved and it was then hit by a police car from the back where I heard a loud bang.

Wimbledon Times:

"Suddenly the suspects ran inside and behind houses.

"Dozens of police cars and officers arrived quickly and most ran after the two males, including police dogs.

"It was hectic and I was left shocked by what had happened.

Wimbledon Times:

"After a while, police helicopters arrived and I left the scene."

A spokesperson for Met Police said:

"The pursuit ended in Hartfield Road at around 8.30 pm.

"Two males were arrested for offences including dangerous driving; affray and possession of an offensive weapon.

"Enquiries into the circumstances continue."