Stephen Alambritis has hit out at Boris Johnson’s government for demanding that TfL must raise fares above inflation and has slammed the changes to congestion charges.

Councillor Alambritis said it was ‘deeply unfair’ for the Tory Government to seek to balance TfL’s books on the backs of London’s commuters.

This follows the 90 per cent fall in fares revenue during the coronavirus crisis saw London’s transport operator need Government financial support.

Councillor Alambritis accused the Conservatives of ‘playing political games’ by forcing TfL to hike fare's while bailing out the private rail and bus companies with no strings attached.

Leader of Merton Council, Stephen Alambritis, said:“It is clear for all to see that the Government’s funding package for TfL is deeply unfair.

"Londoners are being punished for doing the right thing and staying at home during this pandemic.

Wimbledon Times:

“Rather than working to find a sensible funding arrangement, the Tories have chosen to balance TfL’s books on the backs of hardworking Londoners.

“This is shameful behaviour and a kick in the teeth for the residents of Merton.

"They will now face higher fares and charges for their daily commute simply because the Tory Government is intent on playing political games.

“I would urge the Government to abandon its highly partisan approach and work to find a new funding mechanism for TfL that is about helping London’s hard-pressed commuters, rather than harming them."

The Mayor of London has also criticised the Government.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “The only reason TfL is now in financial difficulties, just like every transport operator around the country, is because our fares income has fallen by 90 per cent during lockdown.

“This meant TfL had no alternative but to ask the Government for financial support.

"They have made Londoners pay a very high price for doing the right thing and staying at home by demanding an increase in the Congestion Charge and an above-inflation fares rise."