Nearly 200 people turned up to the Black Lives Matter protest for Carshalton today ( June 20 )

The 'family-friendly' protest saw demonstrators sit on allocated spaces on the green across from St Helier Hospital.

The protest which took place between 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm, included, powerful chants, a three-minute silence and demonstrators taking a stand to show themselves as one.

Event speakers expressed the importance of 'everyone vs racism' and highlighted that 'equality should be for everyone'.

Parents and children were seen holding up signs which read "stop racism", "Black Lives Matter" and "United we stand."

Wimbledon Times:

Teenagers playing football and basketball decided to put their games to a halt to take part in the demonstration.

Speeches were lead by event organisers, Lib Dem councillors and members of the public who felt strongly about the movement.

Police and event organisers were seen in attendance. 

An event organiser said: "We were pleasantly surprised with the numbers, it all happened very quickly and it was all resident lead.

"People were sharing their own stories and standing up for their community.

"It was a brilliantly peaceful event and incredibly powerful."