A South London coach has been applauded across the globe after a picture emerged of him carrying a far-right protester to safety.

Patrick Hutchinson, 49, Croydon resident and coach for Hercules Wimbledon, has been branded a hero after saving a protester from being killed.

Fights broke out over the weekend after hundreds of protesters travelled to Central London to protect statues from anti-racist protesters, despite the announcement of BLM protests being postponed.

Pierre Noah, 47, who owns a closed protection company, asked Patrick and his friends whether they could help minimise risks during protests over the weekend.

Wimbledon Times:

Patrick said the protests were “a recipe for disaster” and that they knew, BLM demonstrators would still turn up despite demonstrations being called off.

Hutchinson says that for him and his friends, it was all about protecting and preventing the protests from getting out of hand.

Patrick Hutchinson said: “We saw people rushing over after the man was thrown onto the floor.

“One man tried to fend off a few angry protesters, but he only had a matter of time.

“My friends; Pierre, Jermaine Facey, Chris Ottokito and Lee Russell rushed over to protect him and build a human barrier.

“I then saw the opportunity to go in and pick him up.”

Wimbledon Times:

Patrick who practices martial arts, says the style of combat has helped him develop a fearless attitude.

“He was going to get killed if we didn’t do anything about it.

“I don’t feel like a hero because it was something I had to do.

“When you are in a situation like that, you don’t think until after it has happened.

“Any delay would have risked a life.”

Wimbledon Times:

The 49-year-old would like to thank his friends and other demonstrators who helped him save the protester.

“Without their help, I would have got trampled on.

“There was a lot of people protecting this man and we were all needed- they deserve credit, I was just the one who got caught on camera.”

Patrick who coaches the ages between 9 to 20, added: “We are all one race, nobody is better than anyone else.

“People should all be kind and friendly and learn from one and another.

For anyone who plans on attending demonstrations, Patrick said: “When you go out there, remember why you are there.

“This is a movement and we are trying to push for equality, we don’t want it derailed by irrational thinking or bad behaviour.”