A woman has launched an appeal to help find her dog who has been missing since last week. 

Francieli Lorenski, of Conway Gardens, near Pollards Hill Library, has been searching for her missing 'baby' for the last five days.

Maggie was last seen at around 11 am on June 10, when Francieli was taking out the rubbish before realising Maggie hadn't come back inside.

Maggie is described as; a small female dog, microchipped and is very friendly, however, can also get scared with loud noises. 

Wimbledon Times: Maggie has been missing since June 10 Maggie has been missing since June 10

She is described to have; A ponytail, long black and tan silky hair, a black bunch of fur between her nose and eyes, the back colour of her hair on her back is black, and she has white hair under her tail.

Maggie's owner, Francieli Lorenski said: "I and my husband have no kids, Maggie is our baby.

"She is my companion and we have a very close relationship with such a strong connection.

"Each day is becoming harder to handle her absence- the house is empty.

"We don't stumble anymore because she is no longer following us around and sitting down right behind our feet. 

Wimbledon Times: Maggie has been missing since June 10 Maggie has been missing since June 10

"The bed is too big and we don't have the same joy when we wake up in the morning. 

"I feel like a big piece of me has been taken away and there is such a hole that can't be fulfilled. 

"Every night without her little paws pushing me for extra space in the bed are sleepless and it hurts so much. 

"It's becoming torture to be at home without her.

Wimbledon Times: Have you seen Maggie? Have you seen Maggie?

"Within such a pain, what holds me faithful and gives me the strength is the assurance that our Lord, God Almighty is looking after her. 

"Please come back home soon- you have no idea how much we miss you my little sunshine Maggie."

Francieli is offering a reward. 

If you have seen Maggie or know of her whereabouts please call 074622 76977 or 07834554241, alternatively email at francieli.lorenski@gmail.com