A woman has been charged after she spat at police officers during an arrest for drunk driving last week.

Police were called to reports of suspected drink driving in Mitcham Park, at around 9.30 am on June 3. 

Nicola Angus, 48 of Westbourne Road, Emsworth, was arrested by Cricket Green officers for driving three-and-a-half-times over the limit.

During the arrest, the Angus proceeded to swear and spit at officers, which resulted in a day at court.

In a short statement posted online, Cricket Green Police said: "During the arrest the suspect swore and spat at officers.

"The suspect has now been charged with Drink Drive, Public Order and Assault on Police.

"The matter will go to court."

Angus is due to attend Wimbledon Magistrates’ court on July 3, 2020, for her first hearing.