A 12-year-old has been baking and delivering cakes to her vulnerable neighbours in the hopes of lifting their spirits during the outbreak.

Helenai Aguilera See-Sante, of Chestnut Grove, has spent the last few weeks delivering treats to those who are self-isolating.

Helenai says she wanted to turn her love for baking into something 'special', so decided she would deliver cakes to her neighbours every Sunday.

The thoughtful gesture has since created a 'chain reaction', with other neighbours offering to cook treats too.

Wimbledon Times: Helenai has been busy baking cakes Helenai has been busy baking cakes

Helenai's mother, Mary Ann, said: "Every Sunday, Helenai and her brother, Samuel, delivers cakes to our neighbours.

"This gesture has put a smile to the recipient's faces and it also made them feel connected with the neighbourhood.

"During such difficult and challenging times, our neighbourhood lifted each other by contributing flour, eggs, sugar and kitchen foil to the neighbourhood bake.

"This gesture has made her feel very good about herself and has made her happy knowing that she can help make a difference.

"As a mother, I am very proud to see my daughter spread love and kindness through baking.

"I am also proud to hear her say, 'kindness is a chain reaction'.

"She wanted to show residents that no matter how difficult a situation is- it will always get better."