A man who caught three thieves stealing his catalytic converter says he was threatened with a machete last week.

Police were called to reports of a stolen catalytic converter on Laurel Road, at around 3.15 pm on May 29.

John Hall, of Laurel Road, says he confronted three men after hearing a loud noise outside of his house.

During the confrontation one of the men reportedly became 'aggressive' and threatened John with a machete.

John Hall said: "The was three men, one with the jack, one driver and one who cut the converter off.

"I asked them what they were doing and then the driver opened his door and pulled out the machete.

"The other man lowered the jack before trying to swing it at my dad who came downstairs.

"It wasn't worth getting hurt over - they left with my converter and my car has since been written off."

The incident was reportedly the fourth vehicle targeted in the Raynes Park area on May 29.

A spokesperson for Met Police confirmed reports that the catalytic converter had been stolen with no mention of a machete.

The incident is currently being investigated by officers from the Southwest BCU.