Nitrogen oxide canisters and empty alcohol bottles were found at Abbey Mills following the restriction ease.

Hundreds of people were reportedly seen drinking in Abbey Mills, on Saturday, May 30.

Passers-by were left 'disgusted' after they found heaps of rubbish scattered across Abbey Mills, on the morning of May 31.

People took to Twitter and Facebook to express their outrage, deeming those involved 'selfish' and 'disrespectful'.

Wimbledon Times:

key worker, Andy Bevan, who took the pictures said: "Bins were available, if they were full, they could have taken their stuff home with them.

"These people are too ignorant or lazy to bother.

"This isn’t the first time I've seen this and it's typical of many parks and outdoor public spaces.

"People are acting as if the virus just doesn't exist anymore.

"It's obvious there was little or no social distancing.

"This seems to be a clear connection to the easing of the lockdown.

"As a healthcare worker, this is a kick in the teeth.

"My colleagues and I are working really hard to protect the public but this type of behaviour undermines our efforts."

Wimbledon Times:

Another person said: "I came back through Merton Abbey Mills after my walk on Saturday, May 30, around 8.30 pm.

"People were drinking and standing around in large groups, the place was packed with no social distancing.

"It looked like a normal summer Saturday night.

"It was so crowded I had to turn back and go another route home as there was no way I could get through the crowd whilst trying to keep my distance."

The amount of people has reportedly decreased, however, people say Abbey Mills is still 'busy'.