Thomas and Rupert have put smiles on their neighbours faces by leaving tomato plants outside their house for people to take.

Thomas and Rupert Richardson, 6, of Fortescue Road, decided to offer their school friends and neighbours some tomato plants after their uncle sent them some seeds.

Following the beautiful weather over the last few weeks, the family ended up with more plants than expected and decided to take the opportunity to share with their neighbours.

The twins and their mother, Kate Richardson, were inspired by their neighbour Lois Walters, who has been running a lockdown library since the end of March.

Wimbledon Times:

The boys from Singlegate Primary School decided to create a poster to encourage people to take one or two plants and received a tremendous response.

Thomas and Rupert's mother, Kate Richardson, said: "We had seen so many people stop and browse at our neighbour, Lois Walters, library that we decided to put out the plants on May 27.

"We didn't publicise the plants widely, other than to the twins' school friends, many of whom popped by to get a plant and wave at the window at the boys, which cheered them up.

"A few passers-by also took some and started spreading the word so all the plants were gone within a couple of hours."

Rupert added: "I really enjoyed seeing my friends from the window.

"I enjoyed knowing they had tomatoes that I seeded."

The family plan to put out more plants next week.