A brother and sister from Wallington have embarked on 19 challenges to fundraise for a Sutton and Merton based charity.

Lennon Hall, 8, and Lottie Hall, 5, decided to come up with 19 fun challenges to raise money for Jigsaw4u based in Mitcham.

The siblings were inspired by their classmate who completed a similar challenge and decided to adapt it and help a charity closer to home.

So far, the children have completed 13 out of their 19 challenges which consisted of; trampolining, baking, eating with toothpicks, water slides, gel bath's, naming Disney songs, blowing Maltesers, shooting toilets rolls and much more.

Wimbledon Times:

All proceedings will go to Jigsaw4u, to help support young people who struggle to deal with social and emotional difficulties.

The children's mother, Nicole Hall, a nurse at The Royal Marsden, said: "Last year, one of Lennon’s best friends in his class and football teams dad died suddenly.

"His mother mentioned Jigsaw4u at the time and says they helped which is why we choose this charity.

"I know a lot of children will lose a parent or grandparent during this time and they will need help with bereavement.

"I know the NHS gets lots of money from fundraisers, but smaller charities might not, so the kids wanted it to go to them.

"Lennon loved the water slide the best as it was really funny and Lottie loved the toothpick eating one as she won and got to eat mini marshmallows and popcorn.

"Lennon is so impressed with how much we have raised and asks daily how the fundraiser is going."

Wimbledon Times:

A spokesperson for Jigsaw4U said: "As like many other charities, our fundraising support has taken a massive hit during the pandemic so it was lovely to hear about Lennon and Lottie’s fundraising challenges.

"Being a children’s charity, it makes this even more special for us that children like Lennon and Lottie are aware that there are other children out there who may be struggling and need our support."

Donations reached £507 at the time of publishing.

To donate, visit at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lenlot