Neighbours in Wimbledon Park have criticised TFL for their plans to cut back trees on the railway bank behind their homes.

Residents of Melrose Avenue, say TFL failed to prepare a consultation to voice their concerns about the severe cut backs and were instead tipped off by contractors cutting tree's nearby.

Concerned residents say the cut backs would reduce the amount of privacy and affect residents mental-wellbeing during covid-19.

Residents go onto further say, that the plans will cause 'major environmental damage' as well as, creating 'significant noise and light pollution.'

Wimbledon Times:

On behalf of residents on Melrose Avenue, resident, Eleanor Hatfield, said: "Over recent months these banks have been subjected to severe cut backs of the trees and undergrowth by TfL, who have contracted very aggressive men with chain saws.

"We have now been tipped off and told cut backs are planned, and we could end up with no coverage at all, just a vast concrete bank devoid of nature.

"Such a move to devastate the living conditions and mental well-being during the pandemic is out of step.

"Even more concerning is the depletion of the local ecosystem by cutting down significant trees and impacting habitat; in a time of climate change.

"Numerous neighbours have spoken to the men with chain saws to ask them to stop and we have contacted our MPs asking for this to cease prior.

"As you can imagine there is a significant concern and upset in the local neighbourhood at the potential threat to these vital trees and the bank ecosystem.

"We have written to TFL and Merton about this issue, the response from TFL was stock but said it would progress regardless."

Head of Track for London Underground, Duncan Weir, said: “We only cut back trees on the Underground network where there is no alternative to doing so.

"The trees near Wimbledon Park have begun to grow over a signal and cause a debris risk along the line, which means they have to be cut back for safety reasons.

"We will do all we can to minimise the impact of the tree removal on local residents and ensure all work is carried out responsibly.”