Oh do you know the Muffin Man? He only came to life two weeks ago when he found a tonne of muffin mix on his doorstep.

He phoned his friends and neighbours and together they created 25,000 muffins in 10 days!

'What shall we do with all these muffins?’ asked the Muffin Man, formally known as Simon Otter. 'Let's give them to our local heroes' came the reply. And so, that’s what they did. And they all lived happily ever after…

Well, that's the story I told my youngest this weekend as he saw heaps of photos full of bright, colourful muffins with NHS iced thickly upon some and delicate hearts sugared on others.

The grown up story is just as magical, maybe more so because it actually happened.

Wimbledon Times:

It was an unusually hot day for the end of April when PenniBlack, a catering company in Battersea, donated a tonne of muffin mix to the Dons Local Action Group. It was Thursday afternoon and The Old Wimbledonians RFC took it in and wondered what could they possibly do with it all. Simon, a Wimbledon Warriors coach, began to tell his friends, neighbours and family about this fresh mix and he began to divide it up and deliver it to those who were keen to turn it into muffins for those who deserved a little treat in their day.

Soon, momentum grew and the Wimbledonian Warrior coaches and the under 12 players, along with Wimbledon College past and present pupils all took to their kitchen to make as many delicious muffins as they could. With a muffin mission in Merton unraveling at great speed, the Muffin Man walked into Philippa's Kitchen, situated behind Raynes Park station to tell them about his boot full of muffin mix and eggs. Without a second thought they took in a heap of mix to turn it into 700 muffins. Similarly, Claire and Mark Griesel who had to sadly close Bliss Coffee, volunteered to make over 1,000 scrumptious muffins using lots of their own ingredients. Rumour has it, they will be opening again this weekend for brunch delivery between 9am-2pm.

Wimbledon Times:

With 19,000 muffins made in 7 days, there needed to be a tight operation to deliver them fresh and safely to those on the front line. This includes NHS workers at St George’s Hospital, East Surrey Hospital, Kingston Hospital, Royal Surrey County Hospital, Epsom and St Helier Hospital. As well as Wandsworth Fire Station, the police, Wimbledon train care depot, refuse collectors, sorting offices, community centres, the crew at Villiers Road recycling centre, food banks from Wimbledon to Clapham and key workers across our borough.

It was a job for Superman, maybe Spiderman, but luckily a dedicated team of volunteers from the Dons Local Action Group aged 19-70 began delivering the gift of muffins. Smiles of workers began lifting the spirit of those who made them.

However, with this being a real life fairytale for us readers, it does so happen Spiderman did get involved. Spiderman's dad to be precise; Dom Holland. With a car full of muffins, he drove to the hospital where all his four sons were born and delivered them to a team of grateful NHS staff.

Wimbledon Times:

I've been overwhelmed seeing photos every day of children, parents, bakers and candlestick makers spending their time making muffins in their kitchens and sharing photos of their creation with their neighbours. It has been a momentous virtual street party of making, giving and sharing larger than I've ever known.

Likewise, seeing the faces of the receivers is truly heartwarming. It is so easy to see our post through our door and the rubbish collected and to take for granted if there was a fire, the fire brigade are a phone call away. These images are a reminder of how the guts and determination of our key workers keep the deep foundation of our daily lives ticking, whilst we try to scramble through each and every day.

This weekend brings the total to 25,000 muffins made and delivered to our local superheroes.

Wimbledon Times:

'It’s amazing how much joy a muffin brings to those who really deserve a treat right now. I feel very fortunate to live in such wonderful community’ concludes Simon. And with a job well done, what will become of the Muffin Man? I hear rumours he is asking for a tonne of cookie mix! Let's just hope he doesn't morph into the Cookie Monster, or there may not be such a happy tale to tell.

Thank you muffin makers. Thank you Dons Local Action Group. Thank you Old WImbledonians RFC. And thank you to all who have carried on each and every day to keep our community closer and more connected than it has ever known before.


@LadyWimbledon and the whole of Merton and surrounding areas who have been touched by the story of Wimbledon's own Muffin Man.