Merton Council has launched a £1 million neighbourhood funding programme to enhance community spaces and invest in infrastructure across the borough.

The programme aims to help charities, community groups, voluntary sector and other organisations, to recover from the coronavirus outbreak.

The key criteria for funding; is how proposed projects will bridge the gap between the east and the west of the borough, to reduce the economic and social inequalities measured against Merton's community plan, but also projects which will enhance neighbourhoods which have seen new developments and homes built.

The funding for the Neighbourhood Fund comes from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) – which money developers are required to pay as part of planning consent to support the demands their development will place on the local area.

Councillor, Martin Whelton, said: “In these very challenging times, we see this as part of our recovery plan as we slowly emerge from the unprecedented restrictions placed on our activities and daily life.

"The process will contribute toward's rebuilding our communities and addressing economic challenges.

“We have seen first-hand the work of many Merton heroes throughout this crisis and how important the community sector has been to the borough.

“In recent years we have seen many exciting creative and diverse projects which have received funding, and I would encourage bids which can help make a difference to people’s lives and enhance the local community.”

For the criteria for bids and the application form visit:

For more information email