Morden Hall Park is to remain partially closed to discourage unnecessary travel during lockdown.

The park which is run by National Trust hopes the decision will help residents comply with social distancing rules, following recent pictures of people flouting at the park.

Facilities such as; the rose garden, garden centre, car park and cafes will remain closed until they are safe to reopen.

A spokesperson for National Trust said: “Following government advice we have closed all our facilities present at Morden Hall Park.

“Our parks differ from those run by local councils, which the government has advised should be opened, because we have been able to keep only a small number of essential workers at our places, to prevent and deal with emergencies and critical work.

“We are not able to maintain the safety of visitors by opening the entire park at this time, as we do not have enough staff who are permitted to work.

"We do not have our usual sources of income which pay for the running costs attached to opening our places during lockdown.

“We would like to thank everyone for their cooperation at this time and encourage everyone to stay local and stay safe.”