A pharmacist has found an unconventional way to lift the morale of her colleagues by making coronavirus cakes.

Whing-Ning Chan, 51, decided to make covid-shaped cakes 'to humour' her colleagues in the NHS.

The part-time photographer has spent weeks trying to make the 3D cakes, in a bid to make her colleagues laugh whilst they work tirelessly during the outbreak.

Although the cakes were made as a joke, the process was a lot trickier than one may think, as Whing spent hours researching into the images of the virus to get an accurate representation.

Wimbledon Times:

Speaking to Wimbledon Times, Whing Chan, said: "The effects of these additional workplace pressures accompanied by worried patients can take their toll on staff morale.

"Humour for me has been a great go-to, easing the pressures of the day, even more so now.

"When I extracted the magnitude of their representation, I saw the beauty within- I imagined my creative outlets of cooking and photography married up with the introduction of the Covid cake.

"It became quite a mission to craft something looking quite realistic and it took quite a few weeks to work it out.

"Many hours were spent creating the next generation of cakes out of a combination of iced flowers, sprinkles, Nerds and puffed rice Rainbows.

"Aside from being a bit of fun, my research into the virus has been quite an educational journey.

"The reward is in the fun if they are well received and also if they can tell a little bit of a story about the virus structure itself.

"I am now making coronovirus chocolate and have been working on the photography today."

Whing hopes to turn her cakes into a virtual learning experience for children in the near future.

To keep up to date with Whing's cakes visit https://www.chanwelchimages.com/Other-Work/Whings-Pictures/Covid-cakes