A volunteer group have been applauded for their efforts to support key workers and residents in need during the outbreak.

Always Better Together, have been delivering care parcels and lunch packages to key workers and residents every week.

Stacey Melin, 34, from New Malden, originally started the group to help families in need around Christmas, however, due to its success, the group continued.

The group which is made up of six volunteers; Jordan Lee Goldsmith, Nichola Walsh, Dana Downham-green, Wendy Lynn Canelas, Emma Jayne and Stacey have been working tirelessly to ensure people are fed during the pandemic.

Since the pandemic, the group have managed to open up food hubs in New Malden, Mitcham and Ewell to create the food packages for key workers.

Wimbledon Times:

Their enormous efforts haven't gone unnoticed, as residents have taken to social media to thank the volunteers.

One Keyworker said: "When I contacted Always Better Together, I was curious about the lunches for carers.

"As a carer myself, I had been struggling with a bout of unemployment and difficult personal circumstances.

"When my box arrived I was overwhelmed, It had food, snacks, breakfast bits, amongst the toiletries and lunch packs.

"These were the things I needed but was a little bit shy to ask for.

"These generous donations have allowed me to not worry about the next week."

The group which relies solely on donations has launched a fundraiser so they can continue to meet increased demands during the outbreak.

Stacey Melin said: "I know what it is like to have nothing so I wanted to try and help as many people as possible.

"My aim is and always will be to help people that are in need.

"Since the pandemic, we have recruited some new admins.

"Nichola, a volunteer, has helped us with the opening of a church, which allows us to prepare key workers lunch packs and hot drinks.

"This group hopes to help people who are suffering financially and key workers that are on the frontline everyday- I know it is hard as I am a key worker myself.

"If we can get some money we could help a lot more people and that's all we want."

Donations reached £145 out of the targeted £1000 at the time of publishing.

If you would like to donate, visit at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/alwaysbettertogether?utm_term=2mpBpe7Nq&fbclid=IwAR25i-dSW61Hvo_y5FU4EVV8duCyDdXd2Yh7CVcEGucIUSyiZMBzyz554Hs