A Nickelodeon entertainer has turned his front room into an energetic fitness studio to brighten children's day-to-day lives during the outbreak.

Carl Tracy, 33, from Wimbledon, decided to use his Nickelodeon Junior expertises and personal training experience to keep children active during the pandemic.

Wimbledon Times:

The TV entertainer, now known as Mr Move It, is also known for his band, Go!Go!Go! on Nick Jr.

'Mr. Move It', has become popular with schools, who have included his routines into their daily learning schedule.

Comparing himself to Joe Wicks but 'easier', Mr. Move It talks to Wimbledon Guardian about his mission.

Carl Tracy said: "Naturally during this pandemic, like so many, work has become relatively non-existent.

"I decided to use the time positively, to create a Mr Motivator style character for children.

"I have used the fun and entertainment values needed to keep 5-year-olds attention and the knowledge acquired as a PT to deliver an effective workout at the same time.

"Using visualisation and child-appropriate analogies, I have made it my mission to make exercise fun for children and families rather than a chore."

For more of his workouts visit at: https://youtu.be/nLpdHNSQVb8 or www.facebook.com/mrmoveitfitness