A print company have been praised for their efforts to help key workers become identified during the outbreak.

'The Wimbledon Print Company' have created stickers for key workers in a bid to stop their cars from being vandalised.

The company came up with the idea after realising volunteers were being wrongly accused of disobeying government guidelines.

The company issued 200 free stickers to help reduce the number of cars being targetted.

Following the high demand, the company offered an additional 200 stickers to volunteers.

However, the company can no longer afford to print stickers for free.

In a bid to help volunteers, Wimbledon Print Company reach out to Wimbledon Times.

MD of The Wimbledon Print Company, Michael Woolsey said: “I was concerned after seeing the news articles regarding volunteers’ cars being damaged by neighbours.

“They see them leaving their houses multiple times a day and think they are not observing the guidelines to stay at home.

"With this in mind, I and my team have created a range of volunteer stickers to help alert their neighbours and others about the nature of their business.

The company are now offering a 50% discount (COVID50 at checkout) on all print and a 25% discount on t-shirts.

10% of each sticker purchased will go to 'Sustainable Merton' to help support their hard-work during the outbreak.

The company plan to expand sticker designs in the coming weeks.

To get your sticker, visit at http://wimprint.co/covid