Parks across Merton were packed last weekend, despite social distancing measures being put in place.

Pictures have flooded the internet of people fishing, sunbathing, hosting BBQs and picnics in both Morden Hall Park and Mitcham Common.

A police officer took to Facebook after seeing several sunbathers in Morden Hall Park.

The police officer said: “People were incredibly selfish and are pushing the boundaries of what exercise is.

“The longer it takes for everyone to comply with the rules, the longer this will go on for and the bigger the strain on the NHS.

“It is disrespectful to everyone who has no choice but to carry on working- when we would all rather be able to stay at home and keep our families safe.”

In a statement posted online, Pollard's Hill Police said: "On Mitcham Common, ward officers spoke to, and moved on, people having a picnic, fishing and having a BBQ.

Wimbledon Times:

"None of these activities are within the guidelines to save the NHS.

"Please stay home, save lives and do not risk your own, or your families lives."