A kind-hearted seamstress is appealing for help locating fabrics in a bid to create masks for the NHS during the coronavirus outbreak.

Szilvia Vitanyi, 39, from Colliers Wood, is looking for medical-grade fabrics to create re-usable masks for the NHS.

The seamstress of more than twenty years has researched a material that can be sterilised after production called ‘Tyvek’.

In a desperate bid to help frontline workers, Szilvia Vitanyi reaches out to Wimbledon Times.

Szilvia Vitanyi said: “I want to help prevent people from dying.

“I tried to call a company that had medical-grade fabric but they didn’t take me seriously.

“Workers are still not being provided with protection, meaning they are unable to protect patients if they are infected.

“I know these masks are not as good as surgical ones, but they will be better than nothing.

“If I could get hold of this material, I could make masks that would be able to be sterilised after production and can be reused again and again.”

If you can help Szilvia contact her at smile81@hotmail.hu