A three-year-old has been branded a local hero after her tremendous efforts to keep spirits high on her road was recognised on social media.

Annabel Collins, of Lyveden road, has been praised after painting rainbows on rocks and placing them around the neighbourhood to make her neighbours smile.

Together, Annabel and her mother, Abigail Collins, 36, put together a box of essentials which they left outside their house, last week.

The box included, pasta, fruit, broccoli, baby porridge, toilet roll and antibacterial wipes and a sign with a picture drawn by Annabel.

Annabel’s mother, Abigail, posted the picture on social media and said:”If you are struggling financially, they are yours.

“If you are a worn-out NHS person or another vital worker, come help yourself.

“If you are afraid to go inside the shops or are old or vulnerable, it’s for you.”

Speaking to Wimbledon Guardian, three-year-old, Annabel said: “Some people are poorly and don’t have money and need food.”

Her mother, Abigail Collins said: “Although only a couple of households were helped, many more people were touched by the story.

“Annabel is only three but we are so proud that her moral compass is already in place."

The three-year-old plans to surprise residents by making them cards in the coming weeks.