A kind-hearted couple from Merton has launched a free online service that can connect those in need with a local volunteer based on distance.

Clare Stead, 28 and Joshua Kaiser, 28, decided to create the website as a tool for anyone who needs to reach a volunteer nearby.

'C19 Assist' connects people in the UK who are unable to leave their homes with volunteers who are happy to help out with tasks such as, groceries.

The website uses postcodes to match people who need help with nearby volunteers.

Volunteers are unable to view any sensitive information about the requester until their offer of help is accepted- at which point they are connected and can communicate via email.

The skilful couple decided to create the tool over last weekend with the help of their friend, Jake Gladden.

Speaking on the importance of the website, the creative couple said: “With everyone now separated physically, it has become easier than ever for people who lack strong support networks to get left behind.

"Although the NHS volunteer system is great, not everyone who needs help can qualify under its conditions- our tool doesn’t ask you to qualify your reasons for need, it is open to all.

"Not everyone is lucky enough to have a support network they can rely on when times are tough.

"C19 Assist allows such people to reach out to their local community and ask for help.

“Digital tools like C19 Assist are now crucial to keep everyone connected and supported.

“The key to using C19 Assist is engaging enough people in a community to ensure we have enough volunteers to get help to those who need it.”

If you would like to request for help or would like to volunteer visit at: https://www.c19assist.com/