Residents have been left confused and concerned after Merton Council announced that two upcoming planning meetings would carry on as normal despite coronavirus concerns.

The council lists all of its upcoming planning meetings on its websites in the form of a monthly calender.

But if you look at it now, the word 'cancelled' will be scrawled atop all meetings from March 17 up until April 2; that is all except for Thursday's Planning Application Committee meeting and a Design Review Panel meeting next week.

On the agenda for Thursday's meeting includes issues such as the former Mitcham fire station and the Abbey Wall Works, all of which are recommended for approval.

This came as a shock to Wimbledon woman Leigh Terrafranca who questioned the rational behind the meetings going ahead.

"Merton Council have made such a big deal about how caring they are, and how they are protecting local residents, and shutting down the Council," she said.

"But for an ‘unknown‘ reason they say the council insists on pressing ahead with a with a significant Planning Applications Committee Meeting this Thursday, and a Design Review Panel."

Is it again evidence of a warped, provincial ambition to rush through such poor planning applications - and at the same time rush virus spreading here - just so they can get more revenue.

When contacted for comment, the council confirmed that the meetings would go ahead.

This included the ability for members of the public to attend the planning meeting.

A Merton Council spokesperson said: "Our first priority will always be the safety and wellbeing of our staff, residents and service users, and as such we are starting to take some measures like the postponement of most of our council meetings.

"We have, however, had a very specific request from the Government to keep Planning and Licensing Committees making decisions.

"We’re expecting that the law will be changed soon to allow them to meet digitally, but for now they have to meet in public."

Residents can also submit questions to the board in writing if they do not wish to attend. The meeting will also be recorded and will be on You Tube following the meeting.